Here is the story of an amazing kitchen. One time, quite recently, the Brass Studio was contacted by an interior designer. She said she had been looking long and hard for a contractor to build a kitchen with brass cabinet fronts polished to an imitation gold finish, and was not able to locate one. The designer had gleaned the idea from the ads of a certain elite housing complex in the center of Moscow, where a kitchen with brass cabinet fronts was the principal eye catcher. The designer took the recommendation of one “opinion maker” of the Russian interior design industry and contacted us.

The Brass Studio was thrilled to receive the call from the determined interior designer. As soon as we heard about her unique vision of a kitchen adorned with brass cabinet fronts polished to mimic the opulence of gold, we knew this project would be unlike any we had undertaken before. Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers eagerly accepted the challenge.

The inspiration for this extraordinary kitchen came from the ads of an elite housing complex in the heart of Moscow, where the brass cabinet fronts had become the focal point of attention. The designer had sought far and wide for a contractor who could bring this vision to life but had been met with disappointment until she reached out to us.

With the endorsement of a respected “opinion maker” in the Russian interior design industry, our collaboration with the designer was set in motion. We were determined to create a kitchen that not only met but exceeded her expectations.

The project commenced with meticulous planning and design. Our team carefully selected the perfect shade of brass that would emulate the luxurious glow of gold while maintaining the durability required for everyday use in a kitchen. Every detail, from the cabinet dimensions to the hardware, was meticulously considered to ensure a harmonious and functional space.

The construction phase was a labor of love. Our skilled craftsmen dedicated themselves to shaping and polishing the brass cabinet fronts to perfection. Hours of precision work were invested to achieve the desired luster and finish. The result was breathtaking; the cabinets gleamed with a warm, inviting glow that transformed the kitchen into a work of art.

To complement the brass cabinet fronts, the designer chose marble countertops with delicate veining that echoed the elegance of the brass. Modern, high-end appliances and fixtures were seamlessly integrated into the design, ensuring the kitchen was as practical as it was stunning.

When the project was finally complete, it was nothing short of a masterpiece. The kitchen, with its brass cabinet fronts polished to an imitation gold finish, stood as a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Brass Studio. The designer’s vision had become a reality, and it was a sight to behold.

The kitchen became the heart of the home, a place where the family gathered to create and share memories. Its unique design drew admiration from all who entered, becoming a conversation starter and a symbol of innovation and luxury.

Take a look at what we built for her!


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