Working to the design of Karina Avakyan, our engineers elaborated the constructional detail of a partition wall to be made from a combination of ferrous metal, brass and glass, as well as a set of fittings. The use of a steel frame reduced the overall weight of the structure.

The difficult part was to combine glass with metal. The glazing was installed with the aid of MDF inserts. Our engineers then plated the frame and the fittings with brass, concealing all constructional parts.

The fusion of glass and metal presented a unique set of challenges in the construction of the partition wall. To seamlessly integrate these materials, our engineers employed precision and innovation.

The steel frame, meticulously crafted to Karina Avakyan’s specifications, served as the foundation for the entire structure. Its design not only reduced the overall weight but also provided the necessary structural integrity. This ensured that the partition wall would be both robust and elegant.

The integration of glass into the design required a delicate touch. MDF inserts were strategically placed to provide support for the glass panels, maintaining their alignment and stability. This technique not only allowed for a secure installation but also added an extra layer of insulation, making the partition wall more energy-efficient.

To achieve the desired aesthetic, our engineers skillfully concealed all constructional components by plating both the frame and the fittings with brass. This meticulous process resulted in a seamless and visually stunning transition between the various materials, giving the partition wall a sophisticated and timeless appearance.

The final product, born from the collaboration between Karina Avakyan’s visionary design and our engineers’ technical expertise, stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function. This partition wall not only divides spaces but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment, exemplifying the artistry and craftsmanship that define our work.

Several production teams had to work in close coordination to manufacture the frame, the glass, and the facing panels concurrently, and complete the final installation by the set deadline.


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