Working off of Inna Levashova’s design, our engineers developed an interior door configuration combining a brass frame, ornament, painted MDF, and fittings.
The doorframe measured 2.900х3.200mm.

Addressing the alignment issue between the painted MDF and the brass frame in Inna Levashova’s design proved to be a challenging endeavor. With the doorframe measuring 2.900х3.200mm, precision was of utmost importance to ensure a seamless final product. Even the slightest shift in the ornament’s placement could risk damaging the meticulously applied paint and lacquer coat.

To overcome this challenge, our team of engineers and craftsmen worked diligently to create a precise alignment mechanism that would allow for minute adjustments during the assembly process. This mechanism not only ensured a flawless fit but also minimized the risk of damaging the delicate finish.

Additionally, coordinating the efforts of multiple production teams was crucial to the successful execution of this project. Each team had a specific role in the manufacturing process – from crafting the metal frame to intricately designing the brass ornament and painting the MDF. Effective communication and collaboration were key to ensuring that all components seamlessly came together.

As the assembly required onsite work due to the door’s extra-large size, our installation team had to be well-prepared to handle the logistics involved. Transportation and installation of such a substantial piece demanded careful planning and expertise.

Despite the challenges, our commitment to delivering a high-quality product remained unwavering. In the end, the combined efforts of our skilled teams resulted in a stunning interior door configuration that perfectly embodied Inna Levashova’s design, impressing both our client and anyone who encountered this exquisite piece of craftsmanship.

We assembled the piece for a test in our shop before installation. Due to its extra large size, the final product assembly took place onsite.

We hit a snag when it came to aligning the painted MDF with the metal parts. There was a risk of damaging the paint and lacquer coat even with a minuscule ornament shift.

The other difficulty stemmed from the need to have several production teams working together in a coordinated fashion to manufacture the frame, the MDF with brass ornament, and perform the delivery and installation.


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