Working to the design of, the Brass Workshop created a unique art object for a Russian celebrity: a bench of mirror-polished stainless steel with fanciful corrugations and volumetric draperies on the sides.

As is often the case, the architects gave us a series of visualizations with dimensions and nothing else. The pictures were nice, but the final result exceeded the expectations of both the architects and the customer.

Our metal artist started by making a full-size mockup of the most complicated part of the bench: the corner where the vertical and horizontal surfaces meet. The mockup helped us to figure out the technological solutions for the entire art object, not just the   corner. The architects accepted our mockup without any objections.

It took nearly 2 months of painstaking manual work to manufacture the art object. We christened the result Russian Avant-Garde Art in Metal. The Brass Workshop cherishes the artistic traditions that made Russia famous. On the one hand, our art object came out highly artistic; on the other hand, it is perfectly functional.

The catalogue of paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, one of the most influential Russian abstract painters and art theorists, is not on the bench by accident. Sheets of decorative corten steel provide a background for the exposition of the art object named Russian Avant-Garde Art in Metal. The bench of polished stainless steel mirrors the natural corten rust, casting flecks of reflected light. The vibrant palette of Kandinsky’s 1913 Landscape with Church clashes with the mirror-polished, chrome-tinted stainless steel of the bench.

Mirror-polished steel is widely used in contemporary sculpture. Some critics even find traits in common between the works of the Brass Workshop and those of a certain famous Swiss sculptor

We at the Brass Workshop are honored by such a comparison. And we are proud to declare that there is very little, if anything, that we cannot do with/in metal. Send your inquiries to us at Let’s create more masterpieces together!



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