The Budapest Mall in the Bibirevo neighborhood opened its food hall on 2 January.
The Brass Workshop had produced a piece of interior décor and a tabletop for the Crêperie, the French gastro-bar on the third floor of the mall, The Crêperie, among plenty of other tempting specialties, offers thin crêpes and traditional French onion soup.

The Budapest Mall, nestled in the heart of the Bibirevo neighborhood, made quite a splash with the unveiling of its newest culinary gem on the 2nd of January. As the doors to the food hall swung open, an air of excitement filled the atmosphere, drawing in a diverse crowd eager to explore the gastronomic delights on offer.

One of the standout establishments in this bustling food haven was the Crêperie, an elegant French gastro-bar that found its home on the mall’s third floor. Their Instagram page,, showcased a tantalizing array of culinary delights that beckoned visitors to indulge in the flavors of France. Thin, delicate crêpes that whispered of authenticity and traditional French onion soup that warmed the soul were just a glimpse of what this enchanting eatery had to offer.

Behind the scenes, the creative minds at The Brass Workshop had embarked on a challenging mission. A very tight deadline loomed over them as they crafted a masterpiece destined for the Crêperie. The result was a tabletop that exuded the warmth and richness of aged copper, with a subtle hint of patina to add character. It was a piece of functional art that would surely enhance the dining experience at the French haven.

But the Brass Workshop’s artistic endeavors didn’t stop there. They also fashioned a unique composition using pans, ingeniously transforming them into captivating decor accents that adorned the restaurant’s interior. These creative touches added an extra layer of charm to the Crêperie, turning it into a place not just for delectable cuisine but also a visual feast for the eyes.

As patrons gathered around the beautifully crafted tabletop and admired the whimsical pan decor, it became evident that The Brass Workshop had not only met but exceeded the expectations placed upon them. Their artistic contributions had seamlessly woven into the tapestry of the Crêperie, elevating it from a simple dining destination to a true culinary experience. The Budapest Mall’s food hall had found its crown jewel in the form of the Crêperie, and The Brass Workshop had played a pivotal role in making this transformation a reality.

We were given a very tight deadline for the job. The tabletop has the color and texture of aged copper with a touch of patina. The other piece we produced, a composition made from pans, added a nice décor accent to the restaurant’s interior.


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