Working on the interior decoration for the wine bar Wine Happens in Moscow, we produced brass cladding for 16 square tabletops and 3 round ones. The top and side of the bar also received brass finishing. But the greatest manufacturing challenge to us was the humongous wine cabinet, the pride and joy of the wine bar. It was supposed to accommodate 272 bottles (326 kg) and yet project the appearance of a lightweight structure. We coped magnificently with both tasks.

We manufactured the giant double cabinet at our factory shop. Since the cabinet was supposed to fit in tightly with no clearance between the floor and the ceiling, and the renovation workers had in the meantime altered the floor elevation, there was a risk that our cabinet simply would not fit in the bar. But it all worked out just fine.

The construction of the grand wine cabinet for Wine Happens was an ambitious endeavor that tested our skills and craftsmanship to the fullest. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we set out to create a show-stopping centerpiece for the wine bar.

The first challenge was to design a wine cabinet that could hold an impressive 272 bottles, weighing a substantial 326 kilograms, while appearing visually lightweight. This presented a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. To achieve this, we embarked on a journey of innovation and creativity.

At our factory shop, our skilled artisans meticulously crafted the double cabinet, ensuring that every component was flawlessly assembled. Precision was key, as the cabinet had to fit seamlessly into its designated space without any room for error. To further complicate matters, the floor elevation of the bar had been altered during the renovation, adding an element of uncertainty to the project.

Despite these obstacles, our team’s dedication and expertise prevailed. The wine cabinet was not only a functional masterpiece, perfectly accommodating the vast collection of wines, but it also radiated an air of elegance and grace, achieving the desired illusion of weightlessness.

As we carefully transported the cabinet to its final destination at Wine Happens in Moscow, there was a palpable sense of anticipation. Would it fit as snugly as planned? Would our hard work and attention to detail pay off?

To our immense satisfaction, the cabinet slid into its designated spot with impeccable precision. The wine bar’s interior was transformed, with the brass-clad tabletops, the stylish bar top, and the grand wine cabinet harmonizing beautifully to create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. It was a moment of pride and accomplishment for our team, and we knew that we had not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations.

The wine cabinet, standing as the pride and joy of Wine Happens, not only showcased our expertise but also added a touch of sophistication to the bar’s ambiance. It was a testament to our commitment to turning design dreams into reality, even in the face of challenging circumstances. This project had truly demonstrated that when craftsmanship meets creativity, the results can be nothing short of magnificent.

Stop by Wine Happens some time for the excellent wine and food, and take a look at our recent creation while you’re there.


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