Way-finder signs made from brass, copper, or aluminum serve a decorative purpose as well as providing orientation in a public space.

It is difficult to imagine a modern hotel, airport, railway station, shopping mall, corporate center or apartment complex without brass or other metal signage.

Metal way-finder signs may get different types of surface treatment. They can be polished, ground, or satin finished. Brass or copper signs can also be oxidized, patinated, or etched.

Classic brass signage represents a tradition that has stood the test of time. Your corporate name, logo, and other insignia would look more imposing when set in brass.  Your status can be underscored with the shape, size, design and surface engineering of your corporate signs.

The Brass Workshop will produce any design to your specifications. We can offer almost any size on both signs and plaques in brass, copper, or stainless steel.

Our signs and plaques are manufactured on computer controlled machines, which transfer graphic images to metal with perfect accuracy. The engraved parts are then coated with enamel. At your option, we will polish, grind, or satinate your signs.

The edges of the sign can be faceted, and decorative fittings placed in the corners. We will lay extra varnish on the brass front door signs to make sure they look the same forever. The varnish protects the integrity of a brass sign from scratching and the elements.

Our specialists will deliver and install brass way-finder signs or plaques on your property. We use decorative or concealed fastening systems to make sure your brass sign or plaque fits perfectly on your wall or door surface.



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