The Brass Workshop continuously enlarges its competencies. Whenever the use of solid metal is impossible or unfeasible economically, the Brass Workshop will recur to liquid metal.

Produced from actual metal, cold liquid metal can be applied as readily as paint. A liquid metal coat will make any surface appear indistinguishable from authentic, solid metal.

What else is great about liquid metal?

Benefits of liquid metal coating:

— It saves time and money: liquid metal coating requires no casting molds or industrial infrastructure;

— A liquid metal coat can be applied to any shape or texture: curved, concave, engraved, recessed, or other;

— Different liquid metals can be mixed to produce a range of colors: brass can be mixed with copper, bronze with gold, and so on;

— In some cases sheet metal or metal profiles can be used in combination with liquid metal;

— Strong, lasting, and lightweight, liquid metal has a near-universal application range, being suitable for any surface;

— Liquid metal is fit for indoor and outdoor application;

— All our liquid metals can be mixed together in any composition to achieve that special coloration you aim for.

The Brass Workshop uses liquid metals for indoor and outdoor decoration, particularly to create interior accents: doorways, door fronts and knobs, base board trims and inserts, decorative wall paneling, pieces or parts of furniture, lighting fixtures, switches, kitchen cabinets, splashback screens, tabletops, finishing on house façades, fireplaces, reception stands, and bars.

Here is an incomplete list of surfaces that can be coated with liquid metal: walls, ceilings, floors, doors, doorways, reception stands, bars, kitchen cabinets, kitchen frontage, splashback surfaces, tabletops, bathroom furniture, consoles, mirror frames, decorative grilles, shelves, fireplace fronts, lighting fixtures, electric sockets, switches, and countless other objects.

Liquid metal use examples:



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