PLATED COLUMNSColumns plated with brass, copper, steel, and COR-TEN steel.

Columns are often featured in modern interiors as elements of décor. And it is not uncommon for architects or interior decorators to have decorative columns plated with brass, copper, steel or COR-TEN steel in combination with stone, glass or wood finishing.

The Brass Workshop offers professional plating of any column shapes – rectangular, square, oval, circular, or fancier designs.

Among the multitude of interior decoration styles, there are few, if any, that could not benefit from metal décor accents, such as plated columns. With metal plating, a regular architectural feature such as a column can be transformed into a piece of art.

Moreover, metal plating will protect the column body from mechanical impact, corrosion, mold damage or fungal infestation.

The metal plating of columns is widely used in public spaces such as shopping malls, office centers, restaurants, hotels, and sports facilities, as well as private residences, be it a standalone home or an apartment.

The Brass Workshop is a turn-key metal plating service provider, working with brass, copper, steel, and COR-TEN steel. We will take measurements, develop the design documentation package, produce the finishing product and install it, offering post-sale support during the warranty period and thereafter.




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