At the Brass Workshop, exclusive shelving solutions out of brass and steel are born when high technology is applied to premium quality traditional materials like brass, copper, or carbon/stainless/corten steel.  Metal is a strong material that can be machined into thin, delicate objects without much volume. This sets metal apart from wood, for instance, which would require substantial volume to achieve the same constructional strength. Brass shelves look tasteful and elegant without taking up much space, and at the same time they are ideal for storage and display.

Brass and steel shelving solutions for home may draw inspiration from advertising furniture, which is built to be attractive, but also sturdy, portable, practical, and suitable for any environment. It was with this in mind that a quick assembly process of the core and connecting systems, similar to the construction of scaffolding, has been perfected  for modules designed and built in brass. As each element undergoes fine machining and is regularly updated, the components of a decorative shelving unit come together to form a contemporary furniture masterpiece with more than just a hint of exciting adventure. This modular furniture is adaptable to any living space – you can bring it with you when you travel.


Deliverable in a fully assembled or broken down condition for easier transportation, our designer shelving systems are adaptable to any space and any interior decoration environment. They will get along perfectly well with your original design ideas. The metal shelves are manufactured from hard brass or other metal. The poles and connecting ties are neat-looking and precisely machined to easily lock into place.


A fully adjustable shelving system like this can be mounted on a wall, suspended off the ceiling, or stationed on the floor, and it will always be as functional as a standalone unit. This amazingly versatile shelving system can be configured to be tall and narrow, or as wide as 3.6 meters or even wider. More modules can be added to build a bigger shelving structure.


Inspired by an epoch when every detail mattered, the brass frame is available in at least 12 decorative finishing options to suit modern or traditional furnishing concepts. The customer gets a choice of metals to be used on the rods and hinged joints: brass, copper, corten or stainless steel. There are also a few surface look options to choose from: polished, artificially aged, ground, or painted to customer’s specifications.

Brass or steel shelves are available in several finishing options for greater variety. For example, the current favorite is bronze-patinated brass with lighter brass left intact at the joints. This structure gets built up with MDF, wooden, or metal designer shelves, resulting in a fully functional yet exclusive looking shelving system.

You can pick any material for the shelves: quality glass, wood, sheet metal, or leather. You can even order stylish handmade wire mesh shelves. In any case, you end up with a truly unique, fully customized designer shelving system built mostly from metal.


Select one of the above configurations or send us a sketch of the kind of shelving system you are thinking of.

Tell us the size of the space where you intend to place your metal shelving system, indicating its height, width and depth.

— Select your preferred finishing for the vertical elements;

— Select joint finishing;

— Select shelf material and style.

Tell us how you want your shelving system mounted: on the wall, the floor, or the ceiling.

Indicate your delivery address.

Our adaptable metal shelving system can be delivered fully assembled or as a broken down set. Brass shelving systems can be configured to be mounted on the wall, the floor, or the ceiling. They can also stand on their own.

This metal shelving system is fully adjustable. It is entirely your decision where and how to install it, and it’s up to you to make it look exactly the way you want it to look. Every brass shelving unit can be installed on its own or combined with any number of identical units to form an imposing structure three meters long or tall, which would look very impressive.

Our shelves combine the esthetic splendor of traditional materials with modern precision engineering, resulting in a prime decorative solution for your interior design project.

You can select one or several of our twelve surface machining options to obtain metal shelves that will, at your option, accentuate, match, or clash with the rest of your interior. Our shelving systems can be ordered with decorative shelves of glass, wood, metal, leather, or woven wire mesh. They are held together by strong brass custom-designed rods that support the shelves, resting on articulated joints.

The distinctive, elaborate design of our brass and other metal shelving systems makes them a perfect fit for any interior, modern or traditional. Our shelving solutions can be tailored to suit every conceivable indoor environment.

Our bespoke shelving systems offer an ideal solution for interior designers working on high status environments where the decorative furniture will be used to display works of art, books, or other valuable, treasured items.

In addition to the height and width of the entire unit, it may make sense to specify the depth of every shelf and the distance between shelves, so that when the shelving unit is used as a bookcase, books of any size could be lined or stacked in any fashion, separately or in conjunction with art objects or plants. One more advantage of this unique shelving system is that the distance between the shelves can be adjusted at any time, even after the fitting. When the configuration with a lesser depth is selected, the shelving unit can be fitted with a trellised screen for convenient and conspicuous display and easy access to such items as bottles or glasses.

Our shelving system is ideal for use in kitchens, cafés, restaurants, or any establishment wishing to keep their tableware and decorative accessories on display in a visually attractive place. The system can be built up to be suspended off the ceiling, in order to store pots and pans above the kitchen island. Other display features can be added, such as notice boards, baskets, custom-designed stands, decorative panels, hooks, or any functional elements that enhance the shelving unit’s practical value, set it apart from the rest of the environment, or conversely, help it blend in. Supplemental lighting fixtures and/or watering systems also can be added on request.



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