Decorative metal-plating of kitchen surfaces is a great way to complement your home interior with the beautiful luster of brass, copper or stainless steel. You can order the metallization of your entire kitchen or any part of it such as cabinet fronts, worktops, splashback panels or tables. We manufacture our brass kitchens with the metal supplied by Russian and international vendors. All kitchen modules are completely safe, all corners welded and milled. We offer a choice of surface finishing options to suit any taste. The kitchen with a metallic finish will take pride of place in your home for years to come.

Stainless steel worktops for a brass kitchen

A stainless steel worktop looks good in any kitchen, whether modernist or traditional. Our worktops are designed to prevent moisture buildup in the seams and joints. We will cut the tabletop to make sure it fits in with the stove, kitchen sink or faucet in your fitted kitchen. Stainless steel is a versatile material that is hydrophobic, heat resistant and easy to clean. It is the preferred worktop material of professional cooks.

Steel goes well with other metals surfaces, such as brass or copper, in a kitchen interior. It also looks good in combination with stone, glass, wood, ceramic tiling, and plastic.

Brass, copper and stainless steel fronts

Our metal plating solutions will match your new or existing doors and pull-out sections like a charm. We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture brass, copper and stainless steel cabinet fronts, and then fine-finish them manually. We complete all preparations in our workshop, so your new kitchen cabinet fronts may only take minutes to install.

Brass, copper and stainless steel splashback panels

A splashback panel may follow the entire length of the worktop, or be limited to a specified section. Splashback panels may come with any finishing you want, to match the interior design solution you aim for. Metal splashbacks are practical and hygienic, but most importantly, they make your kitchen look classy. Splashback panels of brass, copper, or stainless steel will mesh well with any other materials in your kitchen space.

To order a brass kitchen, please contact our manager.

The Brass Workshop has recently introduced a novel stainless steel kitchen solution with decorative coating, engineered using the vacuum plasma spraying process. This process achieves an environment-resistant, like-for-like coloration of real brass, copper, bronze, gold or chrome at a fraction of the cost of these expensive metals. Moreover, stainless steel kitchens are available in a variety of trendy looks: pink gold, champagne, burnished, matte black, or mirror black.

In our new stainless steel kitchens, these cool colors are available on splashback panels, worktops, and furniture handles, as well as module frontage.

Benefits of a stainless steel kitchen:

  1. Surfaces carefully engineered for easy maintenance, corrosion-proof, and protected from drop traces and finger stains.
  2. Superb constructional versatility, achieved through different worktop and island configurations.
  3. A worktop can be seamlessly integrated with a stainless steel kitchen sink: no joints between the worktop and the sink!
  4. Lots of spatial organization latitude! All components are designed for maximum functionality, with numerous restacking options for spaces inside cabinets. The sections are separated to maximize efficiency. Our stainless steel kitchens are ultimately flexible, easy to assemble and organize, and offer room for expansion and surface color experiment. The tops are processed specifically to mask fingerprints, small scratches and stains.
  5. We offer a wide selection of metal finishing options. The surface finishes available on our stainless steel kitchens are matte, glossy (mirror), satin, or polished.

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