COR-TEN steel decoration is weathering steel exhibiting advanced resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It is a steel alloy incorporating silicon, copper, chromium, manganese, and some other metals. The uniqueness of COR-TEN steels lies in the fact that the alloying elements in them form a protective surface layer of fine-grain rust, which suppresses further development of corrosion.

COR-TEN steel is today viewed as a trendy and chic material to use for interior and exterior decoration. Designers and decorators value COR-TEN steel for its utilitarian functionality, but they appreciate it even more for its impressive color palette, ranging from fiery red to reddish brown, as well as its amazing velvety surface texture.

COR-TEN steel is often recurred to in order to create interesting accents in the interior or exterior decoration of a contemporary residential or executive space. It is also frequently used in landscape design.

Here are a few examples of indoor and outdoor applications for COR-TEN steel, including garden design:

COR-TEN steel façade and indoor wall panels. The panel elements can be smooth, slotted, or volumetric.

COR-TEN steel makes excellent ceiling finishing. Steel panels can be used to cover the ceiling entirely or in patches.

Elements of staircases and railings can be made from COR-TEN steel, such as stair posts, risers, or bridgeboards.

COR-TEN steel furnishings are quite common and include coffee tables, console tables, dinner tables, kitchen and bookcase front panels, and much more.

It is a good esthetical and practical idea to plate fireplaces and barbecue grills with COR-TEN steel, which is highly resistant to heat and open flame.

Awnings, canopies, fences, fence doors and gates… All these elements look good and last for ages when they are made fully or partially from COR-TEN steel.

In garden design, only the sky is the limit for COR-TEN steel decoration ideas: flowerpots, fountains, revetments, small architectural forms, and even art objects can be crafted from COR-TEN steel, either entirely or in combination with other decorative materials.

In business, yet another great application for COR-TEN steel are signs and plaques. Illuminated COR-TEN steel signs look much better than most other materials in this capacity.


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