Wrought iron products coming out of the Brass Workshop are nothing short of works of art. Each element is elaborately crafted to match your home interior, elegantly supplementing your design choices. Every edge, curve, and turn is perfectly aligned with the staircase and banister. The Brass Workshop aspires towards perfection in metal art. No imperfections are tolerated: you will find no untreated welding seams, no extra paint or resist spots on wrought iron items hand-crafted by the Brass Workshop.

Our blacksmiths, who are true masters of the metalworking craft, boast proprietary savoir faire in the use of forging technique to create distinctive solutions for interior and exterior décor. The Brass Workshop will reproduce in metal any design provided or requested by the customer. A durable, long-lasting material, iron lends itself to forming, forging and coiling into most stunning ornaments. Iron can take any form – only the master’s imagination is the limit. Decorative forging requires more than knowledge of the craft and years of hands-on experience from the blacksmith: he has to be a hard worker who loves his work. But to be able to create true works of art, the master must be attentive to detail and possess extraordinary technical expertise. Having all these competencies in-house, the Brass Workshop is eminently qualified to transform chunks of wrought iron into masterpieces that will serve well for generations and will never cease to regale the eye and provide inspiration.

The durable and palatial wrought iron gates and fences to be found around historic buildings or important landmarks are the handiwork of accomplished masters, such as the blacksmiths of the Brass Workshop. Every section of such a gate or fence is assembled with minute meticulousness to make sure all the wrought iron elements fit together. Then the assembly is welded tight. Then the wrought iron assembly gets brushed and undergoes an extremely important pre-painting process known as hot-dip galvanization.

Hot-dip galvanization is a process of coating iron with zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 449 °С. When exposed to the atmosphere the pure zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which further reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate. Zinc carbonate is usually a dull grey, fairly strong material that protects the wrought iron from exposure to moisture. Without the hot-dip galvanization process, your gate, fence or any other wrought iron piece will be left without anticorrosion protection, and thus unable to stand the test of time. Following the zinc plating, the assembly gets a coat of paint with a glossy, matt or “antique” finish.

Our wrought iron staircases and décor products are exquisite and fully deserve to be categorized as works of art. Every wrought iron staircase banister has to fit the particular staircase it was meant for with the ultimate precision. We will manufacture the staircase first at the Brass Workshop to make it easier to figure out the accurate geometry and meticulously align the handrails and barriers with the straight, curved or spiral staircase we were ordered.

Some amazing furniture can be made from wrought iron. A bed, console, coffee table or mirror frame made from high-grade wrought iron and fancifully painted will impart special splendor to any modern or traditional interior. There is practically no limit to what we at the Brass Workshop can do with wrought iron. The creative imagination of a designer or architect should go beyond what seems to be solid, impregnable metal. Metal is malleable and can be forged into any furniture design. Our masters will create metal furniture of the finest quality to match any architectural style.

Wrought iron balcony railings and street furniture will serve as a harmonious and balanced adornment on any modern or traditional architectural project. The Brass Workshop urges its customers to give full rein to their imagination: if you can imagine it, we can make it for you – in wrought iron. The wrought iron garden furniture produced by the Brass Workshop is perfect for our climate with its frequent subzero cold and steep fluctuations in air humidity. Durable and universal, wrought iron furniture always looks classy.

No matter how unconventional your interior decoration choices, wrought iron décor products will fit right in. The Brass Workshop offers its sophisticated customers wrought iron staircases and staircase appurtenances such as fences, handrails, banisters and posts, as well as balcony handrails, fire screens, furniture, interior decorations, and beautiful gates and fences that will enhance the personality of your decorated environment.

It is always relevant to combine iron and brass in wrought metal products. For example, the combination might take the form of a wrought iron fence with brass handrails. You can select the brass handrail design to your liking from our catalogue at: https://latuns.ru/product-category/interer/brass-handrail/. A wrought iron piece may include cast brass elements, such as those you can find on our website at: https://latuns.ru/services/xudozhestvennoe-lite-ot-latunnoj-masterskoj/.

You can find specimens of our wrought iron art pieces in our photo gallery. And remember that your wrought iron staircase or any wrought iron piece in your house deserves to be a work of art.



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