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The Brass Workshop is a specialized producer of designer furniture, staircases, lighting fixtures, mirrors, and interior decorations from

  • brass,
  • copper,
  • aluminum,
  • stainless steel, and
  • COR-TEN steel.

We make furniture, design items and decorations for indoor and outdoor use.

In our world today, rife with computer technology, hand-wrought work by a skilled craftsman is valued like never before. Just 150 years ago metalworking was something passed from father to son, from master to apprentice. Metalworking traditions were carefully and thoroughly cultivated in the workshops of blacksmiths, founders, lathe operators, milling machinists, and fitters. Our Brass Workshop revives these traditions of handicraft production using the most advanced metalworking technologies.

The almost forgotten art of working with metal has found new momentum in our workshop. Items for the household interior come alive when their birth is guided by the warmth of human hands. Furniture, household items, and smaller architectural structures are transformed from utilitarian goods into works of art.

The members of our small, very professional team at the workshop are united by their love of metal. Real metal virtuosos – lathe operators, milling machinists, and fitters of the highest professional ranks – guided by our artists, production engineers, and designers, make light work of the most complicated modern design tasks. Despite our items requiring that much of the work be done by hand, our artists are able to create a high quality product in a short time.

The interior design items that come from our workshop stand out for their extremely high quality. With thorough attention to all detail in the handcrafting process, we produce items to suit the most refined taste.


We work with reputable designers and architects.

Photos of the production process at the Brass Workshop


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