Brass is back as a 2017/2018 interior trend

Actually metal (brass) finishes are really on trend at present: already saw this last year, talking about   trends that are going to last.  Real metals but also metallic finishes, for example also on wall coverings and tiles.

However, not all metals are trendy at present.  Think for example at copper, this is a metal finish that really had its moment in last years but now has passed. The main trends are actually two: on the one hand, metals in warm tones with an aged look;  on the other side, metals painted black that become a strong graphic sign.

Brass is back, because it evokes that Seventies mood which is back as well this year (think for example to the jungalow trend, that has so much in common with the bohemian mood of those years). Brass is back and trendy at present because it has a warm hue, with a vintage retro look. Brass looks perfect matched with all the dark and desaturated hues which are popular today in furniture and in decor, from petrol and dark blues to kale and forest green, as well as going with materials such as marble and terrazzo. It’s great also together with raw materials such as concrete for example (see moodboards below!).

A great comeback of a material that until recent times we did not took so much into consideration, it made us think grandparents houses let’s say this. It seems that this year brass will be also the trendiest material for bathrooms.

We’ll see, in the meantime enjoy some inspo on brass matched together with the newest colors and materials, plus a 100% made in Italy brand to be noted that produces meautiful brass lamps.  Be inspired!

By Elisabetta Rizzato. According to the website  Italianbark.comBrass is back as a 2017/2018 interior trend Brass is back as a 2017/2018 interior trend

Brass is back as a 2017/2018 interior trend
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